Zen McCollum – Director/Camera/Writer/Editor

Zen is a young filmmaker/writer and nationally ranked Junior powerlifter. “Hang In There Bronies” is Zen’s first documentary.  He began production on the film when he was 16 years old. Zen was the primary camera and drone operator for the feature documentary “Just You and the Road”. Zen is also a talented writer. He created an Onion-esque web newspaper and his satirical news article “Pacer Test Banned for Child Cruelty” went viral in 2017. It blew up big enough that Snopes, the national fact checking internet site, wrote an article to debunk it. In addition to his film and writing interests, Zen’s been powerlifting for over three years and is a 2x silver-medalist at USAPL Raw Nationals, and placed on the podium in 5th place at 2019 Collegiate Nationals as a Freshman. Zen is currently a sophomore in college with an interest in psychology and physiology.

Boyd McCollum – Producer

Boyd McCollum is a filmmaker and writer with over 25 years experience.  Boyd is a producer on the upcoming feature documentary “Ed Wood’s War”.  Boyd was the producer, writer and editor on the documentary short “Bearing Witness”. He produced and edited “Dr. Song: Medicine Woman of Eastern Tibet”, a feature documentary and semi-finalist in the 2008 Moondance International Film Festival. He was also the associate producer/online editor for the feature documentary “The Great Mystery”, winner of the Best Documentary and Audience Choice awards in the 2010 Estes Park Film Festival. Boyd was the finishing editor on the National Geographic TV documentary “Inside New Orleans High”. Boyd is currently in post-production on the feature documentary “Just You and the Road”, following several athletes as the participate in the grueling Deca, a 10x Ironman-distance triathlon, in Switzerland. In addition to his film work, Boyd is a story consultant and his narrative screenplay “Wild Swan” was a semi-finalist in the Nicholl’s Fellowship in Screenwriting competition.